Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial cost?
Deposit, Key money, Rent of the first month, Maintenance fee of the first month, Property insurance fee, Guarantee company fee, Lock exchange fee, 24hr home emergency assistance, Brokerage fee etc.
What is「敷金」and「礼金」?
「敷金(Deposit )」is an amount of money that a new tenant gives to a landlord before moving in and that will be returned to the tenant after moving out if nothing has been damaged.
「礼金(Key money )」is an amount of money that a new tenant gives to a landlord before moving in, as “thanks” for being allowed to rent an apartment, house, etc.

Is it mandatory to join property insurance?
Yes. In the unlikely event of a water leak, fire, etc. If you don’t have property insurance, you’ll have to pay the full amount of your own, so we recommend you join.
What is 24hr home emergency assistance?
This service is designed to give you peace of mind, reassurance and support for unexpected incidents, such as water leak, electronic goods failure, damaged windows, doors and locks etc. If you want to know more about it, please contact us.
What is lock exchange fee?
For security reasons, we recommend exchanging keys. If you don’t exchange it, you will continue to use the keys that were used by previous tenants.
What is guarantor?
if you have difficulty paying the rent, your guarantor will pay for it.If you don’t have a guarantor, you can join a guarantee company to make it easier to rent a room in Japan. We are working with several guarantee companies. Please contact the person in charge for details.
How much is the brokerage fee?
The brokerage fee is charged only once when signing the contract. It is usually one month plus the consumption tax.
What is the renewal fee?
Our managed property is basically a two-year general lease contract. If you wish to stay longer, we will need to renew your contract and you will pay a month’s rent equivalent. If you don’t extend contract, please inform us one month ago before the end date of your contract.
How much should I spend on rent when budgeting?
Fox Business suggests that when you add in things such as utilities, the total should come out to no more than 30% of your earnings. Therefore, you need to think carefully about your own situation.
When should I pay the rent each month?
Our company is prepaid. Account transfers will be automatically withdrawn from your designated account on the 27th of each month. However, the transfer fee will be paid by tenent.
When should I start looking for a room?
We think it would be better to start about 1 month before the desired date of move-in.
Does the maintenance fee include utility expense?
In principle, utility expense is not included in maintenance fee. However, share house may be included, please contact us for details if you are interested.
How long does it take to rent a room?
It usually takes 5 to 7 working days depending on the status of the review. We would appreciate it if you could fill out the application form in detail and confirm the phone call from the guarantee company whenever necessary.
Is it possible to make a one-year contract?
If you are interested in any of our properties, please contact us directly.
Is there internet or WiFi in the rooms?
It’s depending on the properies.

What should I do when the light bulb is off?
Since the residents are responsible for the replacement of the consumables like light bulbs and batteries, you can purchase them at convenience stores for replacement.
What are the procedures for room termination?
In case of termination, please contact us 1 month ago. If it is difficult to contact by phone, please contact us by e-mail or fax in advance. In addition to the procedures for cancelling the room, there are other terminations such as utility and property insurance. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us.
Can I make reservation before I arrive at Japan?
Yes, we accept overseas reservation. If you want to cancel it, be sure to inform us in advance.
How should I do if I have no guarantor?
Nowadays, the guarantor system can be replaced by a guarantee company, and only an emergency contact person is required. Emergency contacts person sometimes need to provide two, one is home country parent, and the other one is Japanese resident.
Does guarantee company call the family emergency contact person and Japan emergency contact person to confirm?
Yes. In order to avoid providing wrong information, it will be confirmed by calling the oversea phone. Please inform your contact person in advance.
Do I need a name seal when making a lease contact?
It is not common to seal a personal engagement with a handwritten signature in Japan. Instead of that, Japanese use a seal that, once affixed on important documents, acts as a moral and legal engagement on behalf of its owner. If you don’t own one, don’t worry, it’s quite simple to get one. Foreigners will have their name carved in katakana or romaji.
How to calculate the utility fee?
Each room has it’s own meter. Fee is based on the quantity. In addition, activation and termination for utility is also handled by the tenants. You can pay for bills at convenience stote or through auto-debiting your banking account.
How much detail should a garbage classification have?
It is roughly classified into flammable, non-flammable, bottles, cans, recycling, etc.; However, since Japan is a local autonomy, the rules of each district are different. In some areas, there is specified garbage bag. Please check the details on the city website.
Does the air conditioner include heater?
Yes. Almost each room have at least one inverter air conditioner basically.
Is there a water heater?
Yes. Some is gas water heaters, and some is electric water heaters.
Is it furnished?
If you are a foreigner and live in our management properties, you can rent 5 kinds of furnitures for free.

Household appliances are all new products? Is it necessary to compensate for it if it’s broken when used for a period of time?
Household appliances are not all new products. However, if there is a problem please contact us. In addition to artificially damage, maintenance expenses is borne by our company.
Can I invite my friends or family to stay?
It doesn’t matter if your friends or family stay for few days, just be careful not to disturb other tenants.
How should I deal with the furniture and appliances provided when I move out?
Please clean them simply and cut the power. In particular, the freezer in the refrigerator will be frosted. Please must empty and wipe it to avoid water accumulation.
Can a student rent a room?
Yes. General lease contracts are applicable to all long-term visa customers.
Need to say hello to neighbor?
No need. There is no such trend now.
How should I do for NHK guy?
If you are not sure who is standing outside the door, you no need to answer it. If the NHK guy start to yell and threaten you, you can call the police.
Can I learn about the careers of other tenants?
Because it’s related to personal information, we can’t release too much of it.
Is the room’s insulation good?
Insulation of reinforced concrete house is better than wooden house.
How to receive my parcel when living in a rental house?
The delivery service in Japan is thoughtful. If you are not at home, the delivery staff will leave a notice with instructions on how to make an appointment or you will get the tracking number that you can reserve the delivery time in advance.
Can I use the hooks and nails in the room?
No. Since Japanese rooma use the wallpaper, in order to avoid leaving traces, please do not use these hooks and nails.
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