A lot of state-of-the-art equipment is installed!

  • 公園park2-min walk
  • 郵便局post_office5-min walk
  • レストランrestaurant2-min walk
  • 銀行bank5-min walk

Vacancy Information

  • Separated bath and toilet
メゾン・ド・アヤ 102
Room 102
1F / 1DK/1LDK / 44.71㎡
Rent ¥84000
  • Separated bath and toilet
Room 103
1F / 1DK/1LDK / 44.71㎡
Rent ¥84000

Property Manager

Kasuya Yoshinori
Kasuya Yoshinori

Entering the third stage of Frontier Home, I also continue to work hard with the belief of rebirth. I will sincerely respond to requests from owners and customers. If you need to discuss any related to the loan, please feel free to leave it to me.

Hobbies and favorite things
Cycling, gourmet tours, muscle training

Real estate broker, Certified Property Manager.

04-2929-2231 Time 09:00ー18:00(Wed. day off.)

Nearby Attractions

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

This is where Japan airplane took off for the first time, so it became a memorial park. The station built with the compound leaf machine as a model, the symbol of the official birthplace of aviation, was also selected as one of the top 100 stations in Kanto.

Hikawa Shrine

A well-known place for praying for marriage. It has 1500 years history. The Kawagoe Glacier Festival, held in October every year, selected by Japan as an important national intangible folk cultural asset. On the Tanabata, a wind bells festival is held, and wishes can be written on the short paper below the bell.

Bell Tower

Speaking of "Kawagoe", "Bell Tower" is a historical building that comes to mind first. It is one of the buildings that preserves the characteristics of the Edo period, as well as the kurazuri buildings. Sellected as a cultural property designated by Kawagoe city.

The Old Town Ichibangai Street

The Old Town Ichibangai Street is the representative of Kawagoe sightseeing. Scenes such as "Ichiban-cho", "Taisho Roman Yume-dori" and "Kashiya Yokocho" are also very popular.


In addition to attractions for children, this is an amusement park in Saitama that can be enjoyed throughout the season, including pools, night pools and fireworks in summer, and illuminations and fishing lands in autumn.

Kitayama Park

Kitayama Park, which has been selected as one of the 100 New Tokyo Views, is a large natural park with the Sayama Hills on the back. It is said that 100,000 of famous irises planted. Please take a look at the beautiful scenery during the flowering season.

Koganei Park

Thousand forests and lawns spread in the park, and it has been selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Sakura Famous Places. It is also a famous spot for kite flying during the New Year season. In addition, flea markets are regularly held at the “Ikoino Square” in the park.

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Many historical buildings with high cultural value will be moved here for restoration, preservation and display. There are 27 restored buildings in the park from the Edo period to the early Showa period.

Sayama Lake

It is an artificial lake that is the water reservoir of Tokyo. Many people visit throughout the year, such as walking, cycling and bird watching. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji beyond the lake.

Tama Lake

This lake was selected as one of the "100 Best Dam Lakes". Spring is especially known as a famous spot for cherry blossoms, visited by many people. Beautiful cherry blossoms are also blooming on the "Tama Lake Bicycle Pedestrian Road" running around Tama Lake.

Seibu Dome

This is the home of the Japan League Baseball Pacific League Seibu Lions. Seibu Railway is owned and operated by Seibu Lions. In 2017 met life became a sponsor and changed its name to met life dome.

AEON MALL Higashi-kurume

The AEON Higashi-kurume store is a shopping mall collecting fashion clothing and restaurants. There are a total of 124 stores, and there are also clinics and certified childcare facilities.

Properties with close conditions

  • Available
¥63,000 ― ¥63,000 Just near Shintokorozawa station!


Seibu Shinjuku Line [新所沢駅] 5-min walk

  • Available
¥50,000 ― ¥50,000 1K/1LDK with separate bath and toilet, all corner rooms!


Seibu Shinjuku Line [所沢駅] 10-min walk

  • Available
¥84,000 ― ¥84,000 A lot of state-of-the-art equipment is installed!


Seibu Shinjuku Line [新所沢駅] 8-min walk

  • Available
¥62,000 ― ¥62,000 駅から徒歩2分の駅近マンション!コンビニ目の前!


Seibu Ikebukuro Line [狭山ケ丘駅] 2-min walk

  • Available
¥29,000 ― ¥35,000 Free deposit & key money! Move in with a low initial cost!


Seibu Ikebukuro Line [小手指駅] 18-min walk

  • Available
¥54,000 ― ¥54,000 RC apartment with auto lock near the station!


Seibu Ikebukuro Line [小手指駅] 3-min walk

  • Available
¥110,000 ― ¥110,000 In 2016, the entrance was remodeled significantly!

2DK/2LDK3DK/3LDK and more

Seibu Shinjuku Line [航空公園駅] 4-min walk

  • Available
¥550,000 ― ¥572,000 A highly visible store building on Dogwood Street!

Other layouts

Seibu Ikebukuro Line [小手指駅] 5-min walk

  • Available
¥40,000 ― ¥44,000


Seibu Ikebukuro Line [小手指駅] 3-min walk

  • Available
¥84,000 ― ¥84,000 A fully tiled apartment for families, a park in front of you!

1R/1K/1LDK3DK/3LDK and more

Seibu Shinjuku Line [新所沢駅] 12-min walk