Dog and cat OK apartment!

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  • 公園park8-min walk
  • コンビニconvenience_store9-min walk
  • 病院hospital7-min walk
  • スーパーsupermarket7-min walk
  • 保育園nursery10-min walk
  • 学校school9-min walk
  • 銀行bank8-min walk

Vacancy Information

  • Corner room
  • Separated bath and toilet
メゾンリコ 101
Room 202
2F / 3DK / 55.99㎡
Rent ¥66000

Property Manager

Wakabayashi Kengo
Wakabayashi Kengo

Objective thinking and thinking from the other person's perspective. Each person has a different ideal way of living. I wear old clothes, go to coffee shops, and relax in a public bath. My ideal is to live in the history. Please tell me your ideal way of living.

Hobbies and favorite things
Futsal, vintage, old coffee shop, public bath.

04-2929-2231 Time 09:00ー18:00(Wed. day off.)

Nearby Attractions

Tove Jansson Akebono Children's Forest Park

A park with the theme of the world-famous Nordic fairytale Moomins. Located in the outskirts of Saitama, where children can play in nature and cultivate creativity.

Shakuji Park

The park is rich in undulations and preserves the nature of Musashino. There are several sites related to the ruins of Shakujii Castle, in addition to the quietly poised Sanhoji Pond surrounded by trees and the Shakujii Pond, which is crowded with boats.

Johnson Town

It is a U.S. military dormitory previously, has been converted into Japanese grocery stores, coffee shops or beauty salons, and even has rich personality stores such as clinics and pet salons. It was rebuilt by the residents who actually lived here and maintain its original American style.


Not only as an amusement park, but also as a nature-rich scenic spot where you can feel the changing seasons, you can see cherry blossoms under the full bloom of Somei Yoshino in the spring and colorful hydrangeas in the early summer. An amusement park that has been loved by citizens since the Taisho era.

Tama Rokuto Science Center

The projector has been recognized as the world's number one planetarium that projects the most stars. This is an interactive museum where you can enjoy observation, experiments, and works.

Nerima Ward Office Observation Deck

The observation deck is located on the 20th floor of the Ward Office Building. From the height of 80 meters above the ground, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Mt. Fuji and Skytree. It is one of the best points of the observation deck to feel the changes of four seasons here.

Mitsui Outlet Park

Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma is a full-scale outlet mall located in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture. We offer high quality products selected from famous domestic and foreign famous manufacturers & brand select shops at outlet prices.

Costco Iruma

Well-known membership mass merchandising store. Because it is operated by an American company, the store occupies a large area, and all the products are also large and eye-catching! The unique purchase way is used to reduce the selling price of branded goods.

Sayama Lake

It is an artificial lake that is the water reservoir of Tokyo. Many people visit throughout the year, such as walking, cycling and bird watching. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji beyond the lake.

Tama Lake

This lake was selected as one of the "100 Best Dam Lakes". Spring is especially known as a famous spot for cherry blossoms, visited by many people. Beautiful cherry blossoms are also blooming on the "Tama Lake Bicycle Pedestrian Road" running around Tama Lake.

Seibu Dome

This is the home of the Japan League Baseball Pacific League Seibu Lions. Seibu Railway is owned and operated by Seibu Lions. In 2017 met life became a sponsor and changed its name to met life dome.

AEON MALL Higashi-kurume

The AEON Higashi-kurume store is a shopping mall collecting fashion clothing and restaurants. There are a total of 124 stores, and there are also clinics and certified childcare facilities.

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Dog and cat OK apartment!

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